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      Technological Innovation

      According to the "13th Five-year Plan" of China, rail transit construction has been listed as the top priority in China's infrastructure construction, providing huge market space for the development of the whole rail transit industry. Meanwhile, the continuous expansion of China's rail transit brands in the international market has also provided tremendous development opportunities for the rail transit industry. The continuous breakthrough of basic theories, the innovation of science and technology, and the gradual formation of a new type of rail transit industry characterized by new technologies, new processes, new products and new materials provide an endless stream of power for the development of China's rail transit industry.

      Dinghan based on its own technological advantages, keeps up with cutting-edge technology and constantly makes breakthrough and innovation, and it has formed an industrial technology innovation system with enterprise technology innovation as the main body and market as the orientation in various fields of rail transit industry. With the improvement of the company's ability to acquire customers' needs, the enhancement of the company's R & D strength, continuous investment in independent R & D and product diversification layout, more and more core technologies of the company in various technical fields have been precipitated and the understanding of customer needs has been deepened; Meanwhile, in connection with  continuous investment and accumulation of R & D, the company not only has established a more advanced R & D hardware environment with more perfect functions, but also set up its own ability in many key technical fields and trained a group of high-end technical development personnel to support the continuous development of the company, so that the company's innovation ability of providing solution application has been strengthened.

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